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March 31, 2005

Just Checking in...

Been in defilade lately, dealing with issues ranging from care of an aged family member to adding ratings to my FAA certificate. The former gives me some appreciation for what the Schiavos are going through (though hardly comparable) and the latter an appreciation for General Aviation flyers who have to deal with cockpits with the ergonomics of an Iron Maiden.


Looks like we're nearing the end of Terry Schiavo. She, her family and the circus that surrounds them all will disappear from the public consciousness like her personal one is disappearing from this world. It shouldn't, but it will, in too many people's minds.

You can argue the case both ways of course, but for those of use who think that food and water doesn't fall into the category of "heroic measures," the slippery slope just got slippery-er.

After watchng this for the past several weeks, I have begun to think about what "evil" means. I don't think most of the actors in this macabre play are evil, but the Force that whispers in Michael Shiavo's and George Felos' ears makes them act to assure a life is extinguished. In the former's case, to eliminate an unwanted burden, in the latter's to pursue a philosophy and policy that gives me pause. I can't, and won't, categorically state that their actions are evil, but when I look in that direction, I see the antithesis of light.

The greatest, and most destructive, temptations are so successful because they are so banal. The extraordinarily radical is now more and more ordinary.

Should I fear those responsible for my care when I can no longer defend or speak for myself? You'd think not. But who's to say that, when my time comes, the rules will be different? I hope our families will still be able to make their own choices...but, then again, maybe not.

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