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March 30, 2005

Why we fight.

For the future. MSG Keith sends us this video. It's 40megs big, and 5 minutes long - if you've got dial-up, that's gonna be a problem, I know. But it's too good not to share.

Why We Are Here. It's not for oil. It's not to salvage Bush the Elder's failures. It's about the future.

Theirs and ours.

Right click, save as, get back to work. Then when it's done, turn your sound on. Completely work safe. If you appreciate the video - how about helping MSG Keith with some of the *other* things he's doing overseas - like helping deployed soldiers read books to their children?

Update: Welcome to visitors from National Review Online! Feel free to check out other stuff here and about. We are Jonah's Military Guys after all!

And if the video breaks - because we may kill my bandwidth here - don't hesitate to drop a line or leave a comment.

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