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March 27, 2005

Sunday Scans.

Good. Lead, follow, or get out of the way, Mr. Annan. Not that I have high hopes for anyone the UN puts in his place. The UN is an almost perfect example of what you will get when you build an organization that effectively has no effective accountability.

Then there's this thing designed to keep a Fox out of your home. I would note this guy is SWWBO's antithesis. As for the end of the story - there is some truth to it, civil discourse is tough. We have it here. Sites that don't have it... well, they have a *lot* more traffic... (Excluding sites that don't allow interactive commentary, like Instanpundit, or filter it, like Andrew Sullivan.

Update: The Pirate King notes something - A. It isn't new tech (despite the sly imputation of that in the article, which could just be sloppy journalism, and, B. A little media hypocrisy on the issue. I frankly don't pay enough attention to catch this kinda stuff - good thing others do!

Both sides should simply grow up, and buckle down and git 'r done. More a measure of frustration than actual desire I would think. I wonder if the East could make a go of it on their own?

Heh. This certainly shows how viewpoint shapes outlook. (Barb - that is *not* a MS-snark). Put me on the 'victim' side.

Even though they may not be performing some tasks that CDR Salamander would like to see them doing, like Riverine Ops, the Navy is still doing what it was built to do - patrol the briny sea - and having an effect.

This is starting to look like the M14 selection process, in broad brush, if not in detail

Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

Ain't this just purty?

Sergeant B asks a question: What do you miss most from your military service?

Greyhawk discusses Easter - and has a very Easter banner.

Heh. These guys get paid extra. Think about it. Yes, that's envy talking. Gleefully lifted from the Flea, who shares my concern about the upcoming Kingdom of Heaven flick.

I have been remiss in visiting the Politburo. Korrekted.

In not reading other people of late (been to busy feeding the analysis monster and you folks - (but the stuff you send *is invaluable* to me, and thanks!) I missed this discussion of between Paul at Wizbang and The Commissar. I have a very smart and sharp buddy who also believes in the literal timeline of the Bible. He thinks Bishop Usher's timeline is wrong, but he believes that existence is measured in thousands of years, not billions. Now, for me personally to accept that premise, based on what I believe I understand about geology, etc (undergrad degree folks, *some* basis for what I believe to be How Things Went in terms of the Earth) I have to posit the "God as Practical Joker Theory" in which a whimsical Father of All stuck the fossils where he did just to confuse the smarty-pants types... and as a test of faith. Personally, while I'm sure there is a Divine Sense of Humor (see the platypus, in that tired old joke), I just don't buy the proposed timeline of some tens of thousands of years. But that doesn't mean I don't believe in God. Anyway... I don't wanna argue about it. Mike and I just agree to disagree, because in the long run, It Just Doesn't Matter. That said, all y'all can have at it - but follow the Rulez. Which means behave.

Rusty, at My Pet Jawa, is having a caption contest.

Carnival of Cordite #6 is up. I really should get in on this. Sigh. One more item to add to the list. Hint to carnival producers... make life easier - send me an email! I remember when the idea first floated, before I sank, head first, back into the morass that is work, that it was inspired by SWWBO's Carnival of the Recipes. Hat tip to Cowboy Blob, who has had his own difficulties of late...

I see e-Claire and I share an opinion (gee, wotta shock, not). She's also very terse, putting a lot into a little. Sorry - that ain't me, folks. Heh. Visiting her site reminds me I must be slipping. I used to make the nominations in the Watcher's Council about every two-three weeks. I ain't seen a trackback from them in months. Sigh.

The Emperor (all blessings be upon him, our Mentor) also finds little sympathy for Kofi. But it's a much more entertaining read than mine...

Harvey at Bad Example provides some help for those of us who sponsor comment parties. Sadly, there hasn't been much need for this stuff 'round here - you people are slugs and apparently are letting life interfere. Sheesh.

I think I'm gonna close this one out with some pictures of some guys having a buncha fun at a recent living history exhibit at the D-Day Museum in New Orleans. Roving Castle Photographer Larry K. was there and sent us some Kewl Stuff!

Some people just have really kewl toys! (click each word)

Sergeant B - this one's for you.

This is something the Arsenal at Castle Argghhh! could pull off.

Around here, when Fort Leavenworth has an event like this - the re-enactors portraying Germans have to remove or cover any swastikas. Might offend, doncha know. Happily, the D-Day Museum suffers no such disabilities. Gotta admit, however. These guys are pretty well fed for 1944-era troops.... Which should not be construed as a pat on the back for those guys who do the Rebel impressions by starving themselves into scarecrows --- or the guys, yes, they exist, I sh*t you not --- who practice 'bloating' so they can *properly* portray battlefield dead. I can't wait for one of those loons to get a zipper installed so he can spill some entrails!

Comments on Sunday Scans.
LUCIUS SEVERUS PERTINAX briefed on March 27, 2005 03:58 PM

The funny thing is, those Sd Kfz 251's.... put a modern engine and tranny in them,give it a roof, and a couple of inches of kevlar on the outside,(and under the floorpan) and they would still be pretty useful.

And that MG42 (MG1) is still a fearsome and practial weapon, even today. I'd trade in an M60 for it anytime. In the MG42, the Germans created a classic; practially the definitive modern medium machine gun.

Dr_Funk briefed on March 27, 2005 04:35 PM

As far as I know, the Norwegians still use the MG-42. They've stamped over the Wehrmacht eagles and changed them to 7.62 NATO calibre, but its still the same old machine guns.

Sgt. B. briefed on March 28, 2005 10:28 AM

Actually, the Mgo series was either inspired or based on the MG42 (been a long time since I wrote the article)...

I'm planning on getting into re-enacting at some point...

Thanks for the pic of the .50 cal, PapaBlog!

Sgt. B. briefed on March 28, 2005 10:29 AM

That's M-60, folks... Sorry...

Coffee... More coffee...

Cricket briefed on March 28, 2005 11:06 AM

Uh, can a Lady Bug ask a question? Is the first pic one of a Panzer? I sort of got lost in all the boy toys and recognized some of them as belonging to different MOS's, but not their specifics.

Chuck briefed on March 28, 2005 05:27 PM

That 'FOX' filter just shows how dumb the left is. They'll spend ten bucks to buy a filter rather than just d\change channels. Oh well, it's their money.

Chuck B

John of Argghhh! briefed on March 28, 2005 08:31 PM

Cricket- It's a "SonderKraftfahrzeug 251" or literally, Special Power Vehicle 251. It's a half-tracked vehicle, a combination vehicle. Not a Panzer (tank) per se, it's an amored transport vehicle that was adapted to many different uses, from troop transport, to weapons platform, to searchlight carrier.

While this might well be an actual Skfz251, I suspect it's actually a Skoda (Czech) copy made after the war for several years. I might be wrong - but most of these vehicles in really good driveable condition are the Skodas. Monteith? Am I off-base here?

Larry briefed on March 28, 2005 10:42 PM

This vehile is dressed up as a SdKfz 251 D but was actually a Czeh OT-810 made in about 1959 or 60 as apparently they were fond of the design. (I guess you could think of all those years of VW bugs looking the same) Differences include a more powerful engine, all steel track, hydraulic brakes, an an armored roof.This one is dressed up as 2nd SS Panzer Division. I am not this brilliant nrmally but I took a picture of the sign next to the vehicle. As they say .. reading is fundamental.

Cricket briefed on March 29, 2005 10:34 AM

thanks for the intel. We went to a siter unit function with the Bundeswehr and saw some Panzers that hadn't changed much from 1929 to 1985.