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March 26, 2005

Two Reasons to Party!

First: MSG Keith, the Castle's Eyes and Ears in Afghanistan...

... is just fine.

He was not one of the four soldiers killed in the land mine incident.

I got this mail from him this morningL

If you've seen the news today from Afghanistan, it's not good. Can't talk about it. Just wanted you to know I wasn't involved and am safe and sound. Talk to you later. Master Sgt. Keith

One big difference between this war and the ones that preceded it - the year and a half Dad was in Vietnam, we'd watch the news, hear of the battles and casualties - and if they were in the area Dad was in, we'd wait. Wait for the next letter, or The Telegram, or worst, The Notification Team. Cassandra knows what I mean. Cricket. And soon, Dave, the Heartless Libertarian is going to know, too.

While that's still the drill - email makes the wait one heckuva lot shorter!

Thanks for dropping the note, Keith Khan!~

So, our Correspondent is fine - but more importantly - *Today* marks his completion of 30 years of Service - and he's still serving. Just like Bill. Makes Dusty and I look like pikers.

One thing about losing your hair - as you grow older, you start to match your Basic Training pictures again... except maybe in outline...

A hi-res can be viewed by clicking here. Hat tip to Mrs. Khan for the graphic!

Second: Tomorrow is Bad Cat Robot's birthday!

Somebody ought to take on the job of noting Denizen Birthdays so that we may properly and mercilessly mock them.

I have an idea.

Go out on the web, and find Kewl Things to send to Bad Cat for her Natal Celebration!

Post them in the comments. Keep it PG-13 - and if you are constitutionally unable to do that... provide a Not Safe For Work warning - no X-rated stuff, please. Scrup'ls will be sent to those who offend in that manner.

If you have something digital but not web-accessible - send it to me and I'll fix that problem.

This is what I'm arranging to have show up at Bad Cat's house today... I found this guy (via Google) at Sound Portraits. (That's how you make nice to people when you link into their archives, btw - give 'em a full credit link... hint hint).

What are your ideas?

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