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March 24, 2005

All I can say is...

...*only* a Distinguished Flying Cross? I've always honored my Dad's service - but if this is DFC and not Medal of Honor... then my Dad's DFC (and him not an Aviator) takes on a whole new meaning to me.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I say to you: Glenn Rojohn, Captain, USAAF.

Captain Rojohn died in August 2003.

I got this in email. An excerpt:

He felt a huge impact. The big bomber shuddered, felt suddenly very heavy and began losing altitude. Rojohn grasped almost immediately that he had collided with another plane. A B-17 below him, piloted by Lt. William G. McNab had slammed the top of its fuselage into the bottom of Rojohn's. The top turret gun of McNab's plane was now locked in the belly of Rojohn's plane and the ball turret in the belly of Rojohn's had mashed through the top of McNab's. The two bombers were almost perfectly aligned -the tail of the lower plane was slightly to the left of Rojohn's tailpiece. They were stuck together, as a crewman later recalled, "like mating dragon flies."by Ralph Kinney Bennett

After some hunting, I found where this came from: An article by Ralph Kinney Bennet on the RAAF Marine Section short stories webpage. You should click the link and read the rest.