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March 24, 2005

Terry Schiavo

The appeal is before the Supreme Court.

Update: Which they just refused. I'm pretty much thinking that the deliberate starvation of a human being to death is a done deal. And now, we'll just ignore it and not address the underlying issues. Feh.

Then there's this, via National Review Online - a licensed, certified neurologist who examined Terri in the last month contends she *is* aware of what's going on around her.

Sigh. It doesn't get any easier, does it? I'm still for letting her live.

In Love With Death The bizarre passion of the pull-the-tube people.

Thursday, March 24, 2005 12:01 a.m. EST

God made the world or he didn't.

God made you or he didn't.

If he did, your little human life is, and has been, touched by the divine. If this is true, it would be true of all humans, not only some. And so--again, if it is true--each human life is precious, of infinite value, worthy of great respect.

Most--not all, but probably most--of those who support Terri Schiavo's right to live believe the above. This explains their passion and emotionalism. They believe they are fighting for an invaluable and irreplaceable human life. They are like the mother who is famously said to have lifted the back of a small car off the ground to save a child caught under a tire. You're desperate to save a life, you're shot through with adrenaline, your strength is for half a second superhuman, you do the impossible.

That is what they are trying to do.

They do not want an innocent human life ended for what appear to be primarily practical and worldly reasons--e.g., Mrs. Schiavo's quality of life is low, her life is pointless. They say: Who is to say it is pointless? And what does pointless even mean? Maybe life itself is the point.

I'll let Peggy Noonan continue her discussion of the "Cult of Death" (my words, not hers, here. And no, Alan, Jack, Sanger, Walter - just because we are on opposite sides of this issue doesn't mean I lump you in the group. Fellow-travelers abound. But the "Cult of Death" meme is what makes this, and other, cases important to me. Each of you comes at this from a slightly different perspective, be it legal, political, moral and I don't think any of you posit all aspects in all ways.

So, you can disagree with me, and I can be vehement on these pages, which are aimed at larger audience than just us who converse here - without either side demonizing the other - which we've done pretty well, so far, I think. But for me, this is a fight larger than Terri Schiavo - like OIF is a campaign in a larger war, not a war in and of itself, so too is the fight to save Terri.

Your mileage may vary. Jack's, (of Random Fate who appears throughout the comments on this subject here) mileage certainly does, if not as much as his rhetoric sometimes would indicate. As he expounds here.