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March 22, 2005

I declare Jihad.

Cassie has been posting too much Good Stuff. Like Here. And Here. And Here.

So, I say - it's time to hijack a thread! There have been two Python-references in this thread - I say storm the parapets and make it ours!

No Prisoners! Scribble on the walls! Wear the lampshades! Tap the kegs! Put peanut butter in their shoes! T.P. the trees! Soap the windows (don't wash 'em - you know what I mean!) Steal the valve stems from their tires! Put Yanni in their iPods! Change their homepages to DU!

Cry Havoc! And let slip the Scrup'ls of Argghhh!!!

Oh, yeah - and Keith Khan sends:

How to say 'I love you' in 22 languages.....

English: I Love You.
Spanish: Te Amo.
French: Je T'aime.
German: lch Liebe Dich.
Japanese: Ai Shite Imasu.
Italian: Ti Amo.
Chinese: Wo Ai Ni.
Swedish: Jag Alskar.
Alabama, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, North Carolina, South
Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana, Virginia,
West Virginia, Kentucky, & parts of Florida:

Nice A$$, Get in the truck!

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