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March 19, 2005

Saturday Fare.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I say to you, Private Johnson Beharry, VC.

Despite suffering serious head injuries himself after his vehicle was hit and burst in to flames, he led the five vehicles out of the town.

Hat tip to CAPT H for the pointer.

An interesting discussion of Battle Rifle versus Assault Rifle. While the Armorer is of a size and skill that he personally prefers battle rifles, he finds himself mostly in agreement with the author of this piece, and such disagreement as there is, is trivial.

Hat tip to Roving Photo Correspondent Randy K for the link.

Reader Mike D, in a somewhat acerbic note to the Armorer, pokes his stubby finger in the Armorers chest (that hurts when you've only got the chainmail and gambeson on, dude!) and says, LINK THIS! DO IT NOW. Or I will continue to poke! Okay. We linked. We think we have before, and we certainly concede we shoulda if we didn't - but geez, give a fella a break. This is a hobby, not a job!

The 31st Carnival of the Recipes is up at Flying Space Monkey!

News you can use.

From my client's boss: "If your laptop begins smoking, ditch it."

¿Por que?

Yesterday (March 16th) on base at Patuxent River, one of the Navy issue NMCI laptops had a bit of a problem. Apparently the battery had a thermal runaway due in part to the way NMCI constantly runs the laptops, even at night. One of my co-workers was entering the building for a meeting and saw a guy come running down the stairway with his laptop smoking. He ran outside and dropped it on the ground as it started to flame. Moments later there was a small explosion that ejected the CD Drive. You can see bits of plastic debris in the first shot. Fortunately a passerby had a camera.

The second shot shows what was starting to occur later in the day. By the end of the day apparently there was a complete memorial with candles, flowers, and a crime-scene-style tape outline.

Comments on Saturday Fare.
Alan briefed on March 19, 2005 03:41 PM

Good job linking to the VC winner. It is amazing that it is 23 years since it has been given out. What you may not know is we in Canada are treated to short ads on history in the main TV channels and one tells us of a street in Winnipeg where, I think, 3 VC winners lived - all from the first world war. This winner's humility (along with his single handed saving of many lives under fire) is classic for this greatest of medals in the Commonwealth. I was at my brother's yesterday who said he saw a bit of the ceremony on the news and Beharry VC was sitting next to a very elderly VC winner from who smiled and just kept tapping Beharry on the knee throughout the ceremony. God love them.

LUCIUS SEVERUS PERTINAX briefed on March 19, 2005 04:13 PM

Re: Pvt Beharry
I think the indicated action is to send this young man to Sandhurst, if he wants to go.

Re; Battle Rifle vs. Assault rifle
The 6mm Grendel seems to offer the best of both worlds. I would love to rebarrel my SKS to that calibre (22 in. bbl, with a thumbhole stock) make a nice little target rifle.

Funny thing is, I came up with the idea of a 7.62 x 39 round necked down to 6.5 mm when I was a senior in high school, back in '74, before I had ever HEARD of Pindall & Palmisano, thinking it would make a great military cartridge. I also dreamed up a 10 x 25 mm handgun cartidge based on the same case at the same time... who'd a thunk it?

CDR Salamander briefed on March 19, 2005 07:28 PM

That is the same exact same type NMCI "docking station" laptop that I have on my desk. Though the NMCI Borg like collective tell you to leave it on all night, all the time to get their hair-brained software pushes overnight, I suck it up an just deal with it during the day. After burning up 2 hard drives due to this STUPID policy (no fire, just Blue Screen of Death), I turn it off at the end of every work day. If you don't, the heat buildup is just too great. Laptops do not ventilate enough to keep cool, and many NMCI laptops still have the plastic film on the underside that if you don't remove it makes the problem worse. Even during the day, heat is an issue. You see many folks, me included, take about a 1/3 stack of those 1.5x1" yellow sticky pads and wedge that in to prop up the lid while it is in the docking station. That helps keep it cool.

Someday, I am going to blog on NMCI......