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March 19, 2005

Terry Schiavo

As Terry enters the first full day of her judicially-directed, medically-monitored death-by-dehydration... some observations.

Under Florida law, you do this to a dog, you go to jail and get fined.

Under Florida law, you can't do this to a condemned inmate. It would be considered cruel and unusual punishment.

But you can do it to Terry.

I know it's not *quite* that simple. But when you reduce it to that level... what else is it but a judicial murder-by-neglect?

Oh, I forgot. It's not murder. The Judge said it was okay.


Sometimes I really really really dislike being a grown-up. The whole rule-of-law thing.

I spent a good chunk of my adult life in a business where you can find yourself making hard choices, and life or death decisions. But, generally, you were also taking the risks.

Right now, I'm glad I'm not a church-going, confirmed, openly-religious person with s specified doctrine I should be showing some adherence to.

Because in my heart of hearts I know what I want to see happen.

If Terry dies this way - I hope the Michael Schiavo dies this way too. Trapped in his head, unable to communicate, and fully aware of what is happening.

I want him to know despair.

Your mileage may vary. S'okay.

I only hope that this is true... and that the people who are describing it truly understand what's going on.

But I remember the pictures and video of starving children in Africa - just because you have given up to despair, and don't seem to care any more... well, that doesn't mean you don't really care.

Fr. Rob isn't too keen on Terri's "Exit Protocol" and the double-speak contained therein.

This whole thing really revolves around what's going on inside Terri's head.

SWWBO has some thoughts on this, as well.

Barb is keeping running tabs.

All these bloggers are blogging to help save Terri's life:

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