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March 18, 2005

Oooo. Brass. SWWBO likes brass...

Roving Castle Picture Provider Randy K. went to the UK - and sent us pictures of pretties!

Like this very early version of the M79 Grenade Launcher.

The data plate sez: Combined wheellock and matchlock hand-mortar. The stock inlaid with engraved stag-horn Nueremberg Mark and maker's mark G.H. over a pierced heart on lock plate, about 1590. One of the few surviving grenade launchers of the late 16th Century.

The curators are obviously of the opinion the engraved stag-horn is what's important here. The Armorer would rather take a look at the mechanism.

SWWBO would allow one of these in the living room, you betcha!

Hi-res pic available, click here.