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March 13, 2005

This Post Rated--Waitaminnit

>>hzz. name muffy welcome hy-umuns and feline lady-typeses and hy-umun mans-what-be-gentle (heh) to morning edition castle msm. today visit mawk, were-kitty and afsister on prowling bout castle environs. not worry ladies--

>>hzzz. only be one lady with multiple-personality disorder.

--for castle msm purpose, is three. all part of subtleness of role-pleh by afsis.

>>hzzzzzz. afsis subtle. hzzzzzz. funny.

>>hzz. as name muffy say before such rudeness of interruption, ladies not worry. minicam over litterbox *not* work. hzzzzzzz.

>>hzz. minicam work. name jake and name kc test live feed and digital camcorder both.

>>hz. name dolt. is ruse de guerre. make holodeck wet ladies thinking okay. very subtle.

>>hz. name jake not see subtlety.

>>hzz. [for an audio transcript of the succeeding dialogue, click here]

>>hzz. where name scout? need get rolling here or lose audience. market share go into garderobe.

>>hzzzz. not see. not see bigfoot also. last time see by scrup’l crate with name scout. not see anybody cept name muffy and name kc since bad cat robot-lady doojigger get scrup'ls de-substantiated and reconstituted in last thread.

>>hzzz. see nobody? can only mean one thing…

>>hzzz. exactness. cookie jar unguarded.

>>hzzzzzz. par-tay!



Ow. Head feel like Meteor Crater pless five nanosecond after impact. Name Scout hurt in places hitherto undreamed of. Whooo—chilly also. Waitaminnit. Where fur? Whuh—thumbses?


>>hzzz. ow. ooooh, pain-pain-pain. must’ve taken a header off the ladder again--lucky this fur wrap cushioned the--fur? i got fur? and--ooof--how come i can’t stand alla way up? And where’d that old geek over there come from?

What name Scout be do over *there* when name Scout sit right over *here*? [*thought balloon: hmmmpf—not much padding, either.*]

>>hzz—i mean, hey! what’s up with the claws? and this—oh, geez. a tail. scout’s tail. %#@$! i’m gonna disassemble a certain evil feline mechanoid in about zero seconds--

Bigfoot? Talk like Bigfoot but name Scout only see name Scout.

>>hzz—daggitt! that desubstantiation thingumabob musta re-assembled us in each other’s bods!

Ooooh. Means only one thing. *Now tall enough reach cookie jar*!

[*running footsteps fading toward kitchen*]

>>hzz—i mean, gaaah! scout, get my butt back here right now! #@%&!--somebody tell me i didn’t just *say* that…

[*scamper receding towards kitchen*]

W-e-e-l-l-l-l, ladies an’ gents, ‘twould appear that the Simultaneous Holoscan Insertionfest at Sarge B.’s and Barb’s had wider ramifications than just blowing all their comments to smithereens! What will happen next? And when?

Oooooh—the possibilities…