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March 12, 2005

A moment of Militant Zen

Let's just hit it up with all 5 of the armed services this morning, eh?

First up, the Senior Service - The Army. You USAREUR vets will appreciate this one.

Members of the 1st Armored Division drive a M-1A Abrams tank through the Taunus Mountains north of Frankfurt during the READY CRUCIBLE exercise held 7-17 February 2005. This was the largest movement of American armored vehicles through German roads and farmland since the REFORGER exercises of the 1980's.

I did those last *HUGE* REFORGERS (REturn of FORces to GERmany) in the '80s.

Hi-res here.

Next up, the next in line for seniority (because the Navy painted itself into a corner) Uncle Sam's Misguided Children, the Marines, in a little Amphibious Assault Vehicle action...

Hi-res here.

Next in line, the Coast Guard. Yep. The Coasties. I chose this one because it's a homeland defense kinda thing, with the Coast Guard providing support to an FBI team. The Cox'n of the boat is a Kansan and the son of a loyal reader.

Don't have a higher resolution shot, sorry.

Okay. Now the Navy. And their new toy, the Sea Shadow.

Now, they want you to think that this ship represents all new thought... I think they're just recycling, myself.

Hi-res here.

Now, for the junior service... the Air Force. A little Eagle-action.

Hi-res here.

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