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March 11, 2005

That hum you hear... probably Lane Kirkland spinning in his grave. I'll get to that in a minute...

Before I go further, be advised I've been in defilade, immersed in company efforts to convince potential clients to transfer taxpayer wealth to us instead of someone else. Long story, boring and I'll stop now...

As for the peace offering below: accepted. For what it's worth, I wasn't mad at John for a second; just the buffoon who thinks it's cute to snipe at fellow pilots 'cause they don't wear the same uniform. Trust me...about 50% of the officers in EVERY service need to reflect on the phrase "Grow Up!" now and then and then get back to work on becoming truly Joint, focus on killing the enemy, and figuring out better ways to help their brothers and sisters in the other Services.

Rant #1 over...

Now then.

Got this from Lileks this morning.

You know, up until today, I thought the blinding, breathtaking stupidity of the Democrat Party was pretty much reserved these days to Howard Dean, Ted Rall, Robert Byrd and Ted Kennedy. After watching the "loyal" opposition's response to our successful liberation of...Fifty. Million. People..., it wouldn't surprise me at all to turn on C-Span to see Ted and Bob standing naked in the Senate chamber with tin foil-wrapped collanders on their heads shouting about how the BushitlerRoveChthulu monster is eating peoples' brains. OK...OK...picturing Byrd naked might be a bit much for people to handle. Let's say he's appropriately attired in white.

But, krep, the UAW telling Marines they can't use the parking lot anymore because they drive Nissans and HAVE BUSH FOR PRES BUMPERSTICKERS ON THEIR VEHICLES?!?

Well, Sieg Heil to you, too brother.

NOTE: OK, so Kirkland was AFL-CIO, not UAW, but still...

My Honda...I think I'll keep her.


Rant #2 over.