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March 11, 2005

This Post Rated LAW/KVL

Looking At Work?/Keep Volume Low…

>>hzzz. morning be good, all castle critters of hy-umun and other species feline ladies. to gents also. name muffy is presenting newest castle freebie feature, online msm.

>>hz. name muffy, questioning from name jake. how online be mainstream medium?

>>hzz. softball from peanut brain in peanut gallery. just start, too small to be mainstream medium. is mainstream miniscule. become medium after advertising suits shower with cookies, be rolling in dough.

>>hzzzzz. bassackwards. must roll in dough first before make cookie.

>>hzzzz. maybe name jake like be correspondent. do eyewitness report from inside septic tank.

>>hzz. unfamiliar. sovbloc? what size main gun?

>>hzzzz. continuation from before rudeness of interrupting. first is news flashing of denizen-doing. denizen bad cat robot-lady and denizen pretty barb-lady doing of lunch at tony institutional cafeteria yesternoon. Unawareness of hidden parabolic mike in plastic flower centerpiece. sof’ware-make pless have thematic menu, also music-to-munch-by.

>>hzzz. name scout from name kc, still live at cafeteria pless, still cammied as large beige philodendron, hide near table for listen to gurl talk. To name scout, hello.

>>hzzz. name scout report that denizens hy-umun and mechanismic ladies meet and begin with usual gurl small talk. then bout special appetizer prepared by cafeteria sous-chef. then bout job and choice of refreshermints. then talk bout hubster—

>>hzzz. hubschrauber? rotorhead there also?

>>--no. hubster what pretty barb-lady call spousal unit. Then talk deplorable conditions of prime-time televisions. heh. Then bad cat robotic-lady comment about favorite sci-fi channel show. then bad cat robotic-lady speak of life ambitions. then both ladies giggle and order ‘nother round of adult beverage. then pretty barb-lady mention plans for after working. then bad cat robotical lady realize that mouse-thing had meandered up petticoats. then ladies discuss weekend party at castle. then leave many papers with pix of first potus on table, then split, giggling muchly. then name scout sneeze and all leafses fall off ghillie suit.

>>hzzz. thanking name scout.tomorrow castle msm sneak peek at mawk, were-kitten and afsister.

>>hzzzzz. be dead air unless visit at work, when hold three-way conversation with self.

>>hz. name muffy, maybe fuzzybear lyonnaise-lady be better.

>>hzzzz. name jake soon be name dillweed. lyonnaise not *persona* name. lyonnaise tasty sauce for cookie.

>>hzz. thought that was hollandaise.

>>hzzzzz. idiot. lady not nederlander.

>>hzz. maybe lyonesse?

>>hz. lyonesse mythical pless, same as atlantic city.

>>hzzzzz. too much knowledge. head of name jake need ductape before explode.

>>hz. not happen. if brains were gasoline, name jake could not fuel flea’s honda halfway around bb.

>>hzzz. name muffy, name kc report ad exec suits on line three wanting talk cookies.

>>hzzzzzzz. bout time. tomorrow we buy history channel.

>>hzz. what do with?

>>hzzz. replace lee ermey with jarhead-pless man. do five minutes of play “danny boy” on bagpipes while demonstrate ma deuce cyclic rate of fire. heh. blow comedy central right off air.