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March 09, 2005

The Canadian Armed Forces.

Since CAPT H and Damian are having it out in the comments below, and Lucius poked a scab yesterday, I thought I would bring up a couple of pertinent posts I've done on the subject of Canada and her soldiers.

Here, here, here, and here.

And here.

Hmmm. Here too.

And again, here.

And, we've honored her dead heroes, here, at the bottom half of this piece.

There's more but you get the drift: The Armorer is a fan of Canada's soldiery, if not her defence (sic) policy.

Of course, the Armorer can be found expressing that opinion regarding the government of the dead space that separates Canada from Mexico, as well.

Update: Damian, of Babbling Brooks, who has been conversing with CAPT H in the comments to a previous post, offers up his blogging on the subject of the Canadian Armed Forces.

Subject: Canadian defence issues John, I didn't want to start using your comments section to shill for my own blog, but I've posted a number of times about the recent budget, and I wonder if some of your readers may find these informative.

How Much Is A Liberal Promise Worth?

Can We Correct The Record, Please?

Grade 4 Math Problem.

Anybody wants to add to this, drop a line or drop it in the comments. Linkage is fine!

CAPT H, if you would like to produce a formal response, vice something in the comments, pass it along and I'll post it.

Taking up the challenge is Angry in T.O., who brings up an issue that periodically raises it's head in the US, as well. The short answer? Because they can - and we'll try our damndest to make it work. Sometimes, they're right. Sometimes, we try to hard to make bad ideas work.

It's easy to fault the Canadian leadership about underfunding our Armed Forces. I get really steamed about the time wasted and potential disruption caused by our government using the Armed Forces as a laboratory for their pet social engineering projects that in no way can be seen as a way of improving the morale or fighting capability of the military:

Relevant link.


Regardless of your position on same-sex marriage, I can't imagine why
the military thinks this is a good idea, or relevant to their job of
defending the country. But I might be wrong -- someone tell me why.

Any takers?

Changing the subject, in order to re-use this post rather than waste a whole new one...

This is for you:

You know who you are.