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March 04, 2005

A Little Good News...

...for a change

Not all the MSM is the LA Times.

I live in the speed-bump between NYC and Philadelphia, which has its advantages:

1. If a ballgame is “blacked out” on the New York stations, I can just tune to the Philly affiliate.

2. I get to hear all the “What Exit?” jokes ten minutes before the rest of you.

3. Ummmm—gimme a minute—I’ll think of something…


4. Newspapers. Lots of local newspapers, mostly reflecting the quirky Jersey functional-schizoid mentality: robin’s egg blue socially and bright red when it comes to our folks in uniform.

And New Jersey’s got a lot of folks in uniform. Most of us saw the smoke from the Towers.

And it doesn’t matter a lick what your home-of-record is, if you’re wearing anything from mess whites to dress blues to a tree-suit, you’re ours (Hey, want some coffee?)—and the local papers, for the most part, reflect it. Granted, we have some real fish-wrappers, but the rest are pretty much biased truthwards, rather than toward an agenda-disguised-as-truth (note to self: e-mail Sanger—there’s just gotta be a German word for that).

Question: how many local papers do you know of with embeds in Iraq? Guys who follow the local boys and girls when they were helping the Iraqis discover what voting was all about. Or visiting the local schools and discovering that kids in Iraq are…well, just kids. Or giving a brand-new battalion commander a full page to brag about his troops?

Just askin, y'know?

Note: Full page of that last link should be available "here" tomorrow, as soon as John finishes beating me up for forgetting how to turn a 263k graphics-intensive Word doc into a 12k .jpeg...

With gun pr0n.

Now open for Jersey-jokes-I-haven't-heard-before.

Heh. I already heard that one...