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March 02, 2005

Gun Pr0n

I'm busy, got something working I may get to later, depending on how work goes!

In the meantime, to tide you over. Gun Pr0n. The STEN Mark II, product of Messrs Smith and Turpin, at ENfield. Cheap, easy to make, simple, and remarkably reliable sub-machingun the Brits and Commonwealth forces used during WWII and beyond. I've fired both a STEN and all the major versions of Thompson guns - while I prefer the .45 cartridge to the 9mm, I vastly prefer the STEN as a weapon for ease of carry and use. So - given my predjudices on caliber, it's not surprising that I am such a fan of the US M3 Grease Gun.

Click the picture for hi-res. This shows the weapon with bolt forward.