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March 01, 2005

Some Updates.

First off, I've updated the plane pr0n with Dusty's response.

The 16th Edition of the Red Ensign Standard (good link-fest!) is up, host by fellow Brigadier and frequent commenter Phantom Observer!

CAPTION CONTEST! All Denizens report!

Next - remember the UMASS student, Mr. Thomas Naughton, he who expiates his guilt by ripping yellow ribbons from people's cars? Y'know, *principled* protest?

Many of us replied to his rant, and our responses were not posted. I opined that it might well be the editorial policy to only allow student responses (which I don't mind - except they also allow the students to hang their opinions out there... )

Anyway - there have been several responses to Mr. Naughton's tirade. From students. And *not* supportive. If someone wants to wade through the Daily Collegian and see if there was any support - send along the links, what the heck, we can be *balanced* around here... if we aren't too much into the tequila, anyway. That said, via JarHeadDad:

Broadside #1.
Broadside #2
Broadside #3

Frequent contributor Mike D. sends this link to another milblogger I'd missed, In Iraq for 365. As the Questing Cat, this troop is back from Iraq, and is also dealing with being back from Iraq. The readjustment isn't easy for some of us. There is even some research that suggests some susceptibility to PTSD is a result of genetic factors.

Update - it just seems that now is the time for some warriors back from the 'box to reflect.

I remember when Dad came back from Vietnam. We all tried to pick up where we'd left off 15 months before... which of course, isn't possible, but hey... Anyway, there was Dad, asleep on the couch, Mom sent me to get him for dinner. Bear in mind - this is a man who lived and fought through Tet 68... I touched his shoulder like I did everytime before. Next thing I know, I'm slumped at the base of the wall, Dad crouching by me, being the He-Man Warrior he is, and trying not to cry at the same time... I don't think Dad or I couuld tell you how I came to be there... but I do know that after that I always just wiggled his toe to wake him up!

Finally - WillyShake, at Unconsidered Trifles, invites you to both read an academic definition of jody calls (which while stodgy, is pretty accurate) and then to offer up your own favorite jody calls. He also has a little music trivia associated with jodys... What's a jody call? Musical poetry called out by a caller and repeated by the troops when running in formation. Keeps your mind off the pain, builds esprit (done properly), keeps people in step, and, because you have to yell it out, improves aerobic conditioning, however slightly. A way to keep a check on your people who are having PT problems was to run around your formation keeping an eye on those who were so shagged out they couldn't do the jodys.

Here's a *clean* one for you:

Two old ladies, lyin' in bed.

One rolled over to the other and said.

I wanna be an Airborne Ranger!

I wanna live a life of danger.

I wanna kill old Charlie Cong!



There are two hiding down below... but it only gets sung when you're running back by the ranges... WARRIOR STUFF WARNING - NOT SAFE FOR WORK OR SENSITIVE EYES

Up jumped the monkey from the coconut grove
he was a mean mother f*cker, you could tell by his clothes.
He wore a two button ditty, and a three button stitch
he was a loud mouth-mother f*ckin, son of a b1tch!
He lined a hundred women, up against the wall
and bet anyone, he could f*ck them all.
He f*cked 98 till his balls turned blue,
Then he backed off, jacked off, and f*cked the other two!!!

Now you might understand why, in mixed units, this one doesn't go over very well anymore...

Or this.

Load another magazine,
in my trusty M16.
Cuz all I ever wanna see!
Is bodies, bleeding bodies.

Throw another hand grenade!
Should have seen the mess I made.
Cuz all I ever wanna see,
Is bodies, broken bodies.

Stab em with the bayonet!
If he squirms you're not done yet!
Cuz all I ever wanna see,
Is bodies, cut-up bodies.

This one is fun to do around visiting dignitaries and reporters.

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