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February 28, 2005

Fighting Fuselliers Fusileers... battle stations Stand To!

If I misspelled "Fuselliers," sorry.


Did a high-speed pass by Matt's Place and found this.

Let me be brief. I'm giving 100 bucks. Right now. It's personal (my guys spent most of their lives in canvas and fiberglass Hummers and it was BS...all the way).

CHALLENGE: Let's see if we can bust the $3700 by 1700 CST. I was going to make a contest between us and BLACKFIVE but I'm not witty enough to whip up something pithy enough to make this the food fight it probably should be (all in good fun, of course).

Thirty-seven hundred is peanuts if it saves a set of legs, eyes, balls, whatever.

Let's do this.

Spread the word. Call Hugh Hewitt. Call Sean Hannity. Tell them to send people our way and click on the appropriate links. (John's gonna love me for this...heh.)

These guys shouldn't have to worry about this after today.

What say you, Fuselliers Fusileers?


[sigh. Wotta ya expect from a fighter *Attack* pilot [excuuuuse meee!)? A detailed understanding of ground combat organizations - except as targets? I've matched the Instapilot - The Armorer]

Update: Oh, heck - Instapilot Castle mug to the first three people who can provide a Paypal reciept (we'll reward you for ecommerce) that matches the Instapilot's donation (and mine doesn't count).

Update II. They've made what they need for the blankets - but the offer still stands for mugs for the first three people to show up with Paypal reciepts that match the Instapilot's donation - Soldier's Angels has many other projects and can still use the funds.