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February 26, 2005

New Horizons for the BlogChylde

A blogger has truly arrived when one of his (or her--in deference to the lovely ladies who do so) peers requests his (oh, all right--or her) technical assistance. For example, frequent Castle guest Barb found herself in need of some deep background about the venerable M2 and its efficacy in domicile defense.

And to whom did she turn for this information? None other than her fellow frequent Castle contributor and newly-minted blogger in his own right, Sgt B., the Ma Deuce Maven. He not only resolved her quandary, but--wait-a-minute--

[*scamper-scamper-thhhhhwhap!*] >>hzzz. message for you...

scruple-express has just delivered the link. You have the controls, Barb.