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February 25, 2005

When Awards don't matter...

Both sides of the coin division.

First off - Over at Strategy Page there's something on a subject near and dear to several reader's hearts... the true mobilization of the people in support of the Global War on Terror. I might have a quibble or two with the author, but nothing substantive jumped out - and I am a fan of Harry Summers. Go read, come back, and continue.

Over at Confederate Yankee, Bob wonders: has given combat journalist Kevin Sites the 2005 Wired Rave Awards for Blogs, though apparently "relevancy" was not one of the criteria for judging.

You should go visit, and read the rest. And not just because Bob mentions the Castle in a positive manner... (preen), but because he has a good point. Not that the folks at Wired are going to see it...

Okay, that takes care of Real Awards that don't matter, cuz' we didn't get one. In fact, I bet they never even saw this place. Let's move on to Bogus Fantasy Awards that don't matter, too. Today is a short-time-available-for-blogging-day. Perhaps my compadres Dusty and Bill will have time to keep you entertained. But, to keep you out of the liquor cabinet (yeah, right - hosting costs for this blog don't even begin to approach the booze bill) I leave you this picture to have fun with. And yes, you may mock artillerymen. I can always ban you if you manage to scandalize me... and no, Barb, you can't get Bill to let you back in - he doesn't have the keys!