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February 20, 2005

Bouncing around in my head today...

Today was an interesting day in history...

In 1547, the Brits put a child on the throne - Edward VI (aged 10), installed as King of England (r 1547-1553). Interesting young man, but sickly and died young of tuberculosis - which led to the very sad 9-day reign of Lady Jane Grey, followed by the cantankerous Mary - culminating in the Ultimate Tudor, Elizabeth I. (just clck on the "next monarch" button on the bottom of the page... fascinating reading, I think)

In 1839, Congress prohibited dueling within the District. Too bad - they'd probably be a lot more interested in 2nd Amendment issues if they'd permitted it as a means of resolving political impasses. "Ladies and Gentlemen, on the Field of Honor today, Senator Bill Frist of Tennessee, Senate Majority Leader and Senator Harry Reid of Nevada, Senate Minority Leader - on the issue of judicial filibusters! Senator Frist, although having decided this issue in his dispatch of Senator Daschle, finds the Democrats unable to abide by the rules as laid down, and so finds himself again forced to take to the Field of Honor. Mssrs Jonah Goldberg and Al Franken will act as seconds, respectively." Ah, fantasies.

In 1942, Lieutenant Edward H. O'Hare, namesake of the eponymous airport, shot down 5 Japanese bombers on a single mission. I'll send you to The Commissar's other website, Ace Pilots, to read of O'Hare's exploits.

1947 Former commando leader Lord Louis Mountbatten becomes the last Viceroy of India. He will later be murdered by the Irish Rethuglican Army. (I may be of Irish heritage - but I am *not* impressed by the IRA) The man had in impressive and fascinating career.

1962 John Glenn is first American to orbit Earth, in Friendship 7. Whatever you may think of Glenn's subsequent political career, as a Marine fighter pilot and later astronaut, he had the Right Stuff.

Just because I like the picture - the Osprey, in tests at Edwards AFB in California.

Hi-res here.

Neptunus Lex reminds us of a another anniversary - yesterday. Blackfive weighs in as well.

Blogspawn SGT B is collecting a list of things we sent newbies out to get...

Blackfive has some interesting stuff up about the documentary Gunner Palace. The Armorer was invited to participate in this PR blitz, but since none of the premiers we were invited to was within striking distance of the Castle, we have been unable to participate in a meaningful way - which is kind of a bummer, since it was nice to be asked. I'm afraid I'll have to leave it to Matty and others to beat the drum until it hits the main theaters. The Armorer does note that the soldiers in the documentary are from the Armorer's Regiment, the Third Field Artillery. And we're a little jealous around here that Jessica Smith didn't ask us for any help... but then considering how much help we've been to Gunner Palace...