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February 18, 2005

Don't try this at home...

This is a little something I sent to Blogfather earlier today, reacting to his comments on the Summers Show Trial--you know, the one where the Harvard president has his entrails removed and displayed as a trophy, Hannibal Lecter-like, by the PC crowd.

Anyway, here's the post. presented in its entirety. This may be a suicidal act, I dunno; depends on how SWWBO, AFSister, and other fellow travelers react...


I thought your female scientist's post, well, sad.

She's right...with diversity, no matter how hard they try, the legacy population can't help but think, "OK, why was he/she hired, for competence or correctness?" When an incident similar to the Summers kerfuffle occurs, the innocents are usually well within the frag pattern of the PC bomb that detonates in the public consciousness.

That said, the hazards can be quite a bit more significant outside academe. There have been female pilots whose grade books were pencil whipped just to get them out of training and into the field. They are now dead, killed in training accidents that damn near everyone saw coming. People will deny that vehemently, but it's true. And before you wave the BS flag over what you may view as an overgeneralization, I will be the first to admit that most female flyers are equal to their male peers...but had some of the dead ones been males, we would have never let them get as far as they did. Social engineering has a price that's never paid by the engineers. So far, society is willing to pay it.