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February 16, 2005

Aircraft Carrier Contest Poll

The Select Nominating Committee Neffi, drafted for snarking, narrowed the field to the following four choices. To refresh yourself on the picture and the choices (so that you can heap abuse on Neffi if you don't like his choices), go here.

The polls are closed. We have a Weener!

New item. It's recently been The Amazing New Social Life of the Master and Mistress of Castle Argghhh! Two weeks ago, we met Tammi in Orlando for dinner. Last week, we met a frequent commenter of Beth's for dinner on Friday, then Rammer and Punctilious of Blog o'Ram, and Jay Manifold, a local KC blogger from A Voyage to Arcturus on Saturday. Now that Venomous Kate literally lives just down the road, we'll meet the Venomous Family at the High Noon Saloon sometime soon.

Anyway, while destroying our hearts eating fatty fried foods at Stroud's (north of the river) last week, Jay asked us all a buncha blog questions - what was our favorite thing we'd done, best post, all the usual stuff. Jay relayed a post he'd done that I found fascinating, so instead of another caption contest, I'm gonna have ya put on your thinking caps.

Imagine, if you will (cue Twilight Zone Music) that you have a time machine. You can go back in time and bring back an artifact, or group of artifacts. You can't bring back people, you can't interact with people. You can only go back and forth once. What do you bring back? I'm interested in seeing how this group differs from Jay's readership - believe me, we have different audiences!

So let loose.

Update: So, like what part of "Let loose" was confusing? I mean, like, you guys are all over commenting about me stabbing myself, but we can't spare some brain cells for this? Whassupwitdat? Bill and I are kinda lonely here. I mean, I like him and all - but not *that* much!