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February 16, 2005

Baby Pictures!

I had an email exchange with Neffi yesterday, inspired by the Mulligan Day post.

Just co-inky-dink, I guess, but today I received in the mail a pair of checkered walnut grips for the Sig (replacing the too-slick plastic originals). So MD is off to a good start... better get some pork chops on the way home!

He then sent me a picture of his new baby. Which gave me an idea. Baby Pictures! Mebbe a monthly thing, where you guys send me pictures of your babies and we here at the Castle post 'em? Along with any good stories if you have 'em. If you have ugly babies, they can be anonymous - ugly in the sense that you don't want your friends and neighbors to know you have, well, y'know, guns. Of course, people like that likely don't visit here much. We can also elide s/n's from the picture for those of you who have concerns about that. And perhaps Neffi will provide pics of his MP40 other than that teaser he sent a while ago...

Anyway - to initiate the process - here's a picture of Neffi's baby, a SIG P232.

A slightly higher-res picture is available here.

Given the Armorer's tastes, this is about the only way newer civilian weapons are going to find their way onto these pages...! So - let's see if there's any interest... and remember, you don't *have* to have a digital camera - Wal Mart and other places will take your film and give you digital photos back.

For a review of the SIG by shooters, see Les Jones' post on the pistol.

Update: While my intent was to do a large post, once a month or so, the Airborne Combat Engineers jumps on the bandwagon early - but he makes a good point - if you blog, post it yourself and send me the link if you'd like.

Really like the Carnival of the Recipes... in this case, the Carnival of the Toys. Not that it's *ever* going to be as big as SWWBO's COTR!

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