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February 15, 2005


Hugh Hewitt on the CNN scandal...

"Three of the folks who put together Easongate --Bill Roggio of The Fourth Rail, Chester of the Adventures of Chester, and Blackfive-- are veterans, and they were ticked off. It is one thing for civilian supporters of the military to take exception to Jordan's double slander, but I doubt these men would have flagged in their efforts to get the tape released and reviewed, or have halted their research into Jordan's past statements like the slander in Portugal. Chester was himself a member of the forces that swept into Iraq and brought an end to the dictatorship and is still there fighting the insurgency. In a very real way he was fighting for the reputation of his friends and his own reputation. Either Jordan or CNN must have figured out this one wasn't going to blow over."

My take...

The irony here is that if Jordan as a "journalist" himself had been caught in the middle of a firefight in Baghdad, I would bet a month's pay Bill, Chester and Matt would have been equally willing to mount a rescue, without even thinking about it.

I would, because it's the right thing to do. This is a novel concept among today's post-Modernist Left, I think.

Granted, Jordan may have been a boon to his captors had he been snatched by the al Zarqawi crowd, as a willing chronicler of their, um, "position on the issues," but you can't assume that.

So, you hang your ass out to cover a non-combatant and, frankly, don't think about his're worried most about his longevity.

Would I expect him to change his views, or express sincere thanks. Change of view--doubtful; a "thank-you"--50/50 and probably qualified ("What took you so long?") but, again, irrelevant.

It's this dismissive contempt and wholly baseless charge that probably steams these guys more than anything--the conduct and motivation of Americans committed to a cause at the risk of their lives...the risk that their wives and children may very well become widows and never seen in its true light. Instead, the Jordans of this world attribute to them the very behavior and worldview these men are desperately (and often thanklessly) fighting to erase.