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February 15, 2005

Random Targets

Having just sent off the renewal form and fee for my FFL, I was reminded of one of several reasons I started blogging. To show 'normals' (those of you who don't have basements like mine) that you could be an amasser of guns and not be a raving lunatic or moody loner about to explode.

The first things I put on Fototime was jpg's of the slides I used for presentations on collecting to Rotary and other organizations like that.

Wherein I asked the question: Who lives next to you? This guy, or this guy? And tried to offer some clues as to how to tell the difference. I've been collecting pictures for a while now, and people have started sending me stuff - and I got this one recently. A different form of nut who may live next door to you - a perfectly normal neighbor during the week, but one of them "Re-enactors" on the weekend.

That's right - your next door neighbor could be any one of these guys!

These people arguably take their hobbies even more seriously than I do - especially the guys who try to accurately portray late war Southern soldiery... or the really bizarre ones who practice bloating so they can play good corpses... or even frequent commenter Monteith, and his vehicle collection, which finds itself being used in re-enacting.

A hi-res is here.