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February 15, 2005

Paradigm shifts.

Jeff Quinton at Backcountry Conservative has a post up about the possiblity (it's really a marketing ploy by the locals and their Congressman) of bringing the 1st Foot or the 1st Tank to Fort Jackson, South Carolina, when the divisions are returned to the US from Germany. As an alum of both divisions I have a passing interest. Fort Jackson being one of the few major Army installations I've never been to, I gotta wonder - does it have the maneuver space, range infrastructure and environmental resilience to support high-density mech unit training? Perhaps the Heartless Libertarian, currently commanding a company at Fort Jackson, and who had a good gun day will follow his trackback and enlighten us...? While you are there, you should scroll down a post and read his latest on little guys fighting to keep their property from being taken from them by government and given to developers - a personal sore point of mine, given the behavior of the Wyandotte County executive here in the KC area for the NASCAR racetrack.

Getting back on point - Fort Jackson certainly seems to be close to the other requisite infrastructure - especially rail and seaport for the heavy vehicles of the divisions, and with sufficient total ramp space and turn time (i.e., ability to handle transport aircraft in enough numbers to move the troops quickly in reasonable numbers) to make it a better choice than the large installations in the interior of the nation, like Fort Riley or Fort Carson. Closer to sea ports is a Good Thing for the heavy divisions.

Continuing the theme of paradigm shifts, now seems a good time to post a link to an article about a briefing on 4th Generation Warfare that CAPT H passed along a while ago.

Then - the briefing itself. The Instapilot should approve, being a Boyd fan. I've had discussions with the authors and posted an earlier version of the brief here. This is the kinda stuff I get to fiddle with and test for a living, at the moment, though not this particular bit in any direct sense.

Take a look - tell us what you think. I mean come on, 1400 or so of you a day, 15 regular commenters. Surely some of the rest of you have *something* to share?

Perhaps the Instapilot has thoughts about this: Fighter Pilots - be afraid, be very afraid. And who is driving the demise of manned fighters? Tanks? Artillery? Those bleeping Crunchies! Hat tip to Strategy Page for the last.