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February 14, 2005

We needa pic!

And I've been collecting pictures of re-enactors working their avocation. Sadly, I don't know who took the pictures - if you do, please lemme know.

Nice shot of a gun crew working their Napoleon 12-pounder at an Antietam re-enactment.

Hi-res version available here.

I really like being able to get pictures with high resolution - because good photo editing software (and it doesn't have to be Photoshop-expensive, either - Paint Shop Pro works just fine) lets you zoom in and dig around. So you can produce things like this study of the crew.

Of course - there is one thing I always note about re-enactments... no one has *quite* the tension and twitchyness I recall from combat... except perhaps infantry about to charge artillery and the infantry aren't too confident that the rules are understood and the actions have been rehearsed by the appropriate people... the gunners!