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February 13, 2005

Sigh. It's Early, I'm crabby...

...and I run across *this* in my email. It's a comment to a post I made on SWWBO's blog.

Although your story is both unbelievable and hillarious, threatening to kick your cats "ass" was revolting. Animal Abuse in neither a humorous or light-hearted issue, it is a serious problem facing our society. You should be ashamed of yourself even if your threat was empty. I have nothing but true sorrow for your cat because he must be miserable living in constant fear of being abused.

posted by Jared on February 13, 2005 01:10 AM


1. The story is completely true. 2. I'm staff, you too-tightly-wound, humorless busybody.

I told him in a generally testy but mostly polite email response that if he thought that post was a horror, he should come visit here.

I wonder what he'll make of this? (Pic taken for an upcoming post - while I was being supervised by... Hal.

I gotta get SWWBO to the airport.

Okay. I got her there. On her way to Bangor, Maine. Now I can stock up for the party while she's gone...

Oh, I guess I should identify the thing in the picture that isn't a cat - that's a canadian farming tool adopted by Canadian Vickers gunners (and officially adopted) for clearing brush for fields of fire, position enhancement, etc.

Two more things. I was sent this picture and asked to help identify the vessel

Problem is, I don't see any ship in the picture.

Lastly, Dean (not Esmay) sent me this picture, with the note that I probably don't have one. Dean's correct. I don't. Once the artillery gets to that size, I prefer it to have a prime mover and mount that isn't me.

I can only imagine what this thing weighs, how much kick there is to handle, and how hard it is on the guys to the left and the right with that pepperpot muzzle porting.

Upon a good look at the photo, I see that it apparently comes from Airborne Combat Engineer - so I wandered over there and took a look - and while the ACE needs to get more easily searchable (dude!), I googled his post on the pistol. The Armorer will pass on this cannon. Besides, it's too new.

Okay, just to save on posts, I'm gonna keep using this one today.

I'm a little late with this one, but the retired Submariner at Unconsidered Trifles is keeping an eye on Academic Moonbats. You may have already visited via Michelle Malkin - if not, go take a gander.

Frequent commenter and Kitty Korrupter Dbie sends along this note:

It was a tanker's dream; an engineer's paradise. It was: FALLUJAH! Check out this video by Red Six & crew. I think you'll enjoy it! Dbie

She's right. Though I'm not sure it was a Tanker's Dream... it was an Engineer's Paradise ! Great job by Red Six and crew!

UPDATE: And the link is fixed! (Don't leave out those http://'s campers. Confuses the html-gnomes!)

Watt K. pointed out this little video that will make the Instapilot all twitchy with envy, as this guy slips the surly bonds of earth to dance the sky on laughter-silvered wings...

Available via the RENSSELAER AERONAUTICAL FEDERATION download webpage.

*However* - this Hog Video will cause the Instapilot to suffer a 'wardrobe malfunction.'

Lastly (for the moment, 'til the mood seizes me again) - we aren't quite ready for automatically controlled, pilot-free passenger aircraft.

Ooo! Ooo! As pointed out by CAPT H, Kate at Small Dead Animals directs us to a website where the UN is trying to enhance their image...

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