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February 13, 2005

Regarding Jeremiah...

See "Heh," below - about "pussified" soldiers, and another post last week, I don't even remember that one - but it's the one where I confessed I collected dolls?

Yep. I do. Of men in skirts, too.

And for those of you are are trying to read what's in that very tiny sliver of the Library At The Arsenal - here, try this one, it's easier to read.

I like G-Scale trains, too - especially the narrow gauge working trains in 1:20.3.

Nope, good luck trying to figure out most of the titles on that wall of the Library. This doesn't even touch on the heart of the Library - the History and Sci-Fi/Fantasy section, which is contained in the Annex off from the Arsenal, in the Donjon.