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February 11, 2005


Here at the Castle we tolerate polite dissent. We don't care for flame wars, other than ones that are tongue-in-cheek, and we are generally respectful of the dissenters who occasionally stroll by.

Then there are clueless moonbats. One visited today, leaving a comment on Dusty's "Who's this guy" post.

looks to me like he's an "infantryman" (glorified forward air controller) who wears kneepads so he doesn't hurt his knees when he's sucking his lieutenant's c**k to try to get a promotion... also helps when he's hiding at the bottom of a shell crater from a guy with a 30-year-old rifle, screaming for air support rather than actually fighting as infantry... most COWARDLY, PU$$IFIED military in the world. americans should be ashamed.

He did get the "Forward Air Controller" part correct, right out of the starting gate, if for all the wrong reasons.

It appears that Jeremiah is of the "Heroic Combat" school of warfare, where the performance of individual champions is the measure of success, and Armies and Soldiers who don't subscribe to that theory are inferior, less-than-manly. I'm sure Hercules and Achilles would agree - and that's about the last time that was a useful paradigm for a miltary serious about its job.

I recall the Germans and Japanese felt the same way. In fact, so does Osama.

Anyway, the doors to the Arsenal are open wide. Take your pick. Ready on the left? Ready on the right? Ready on the firing line!

At the Dancing Moonbat, you may commence. Full auto is authorized, magazine fillers are available. Please take a number for the belt-fed weapons, limit of three belts, per, please.

Due to fire danger today, only 60mm and smaller mortars may be used. Recoiless rifles and rockets may only be fired from the concrete pad firing points. There will be a noon Cease-Fire so that the Aviators can strafe and bomb, no cluster munitions are authorized. If Fire Fighting equipment is available, an exception will be granted for napalm.

Any sailors or non-aviation Zoomies wishing to try their hand, Army and Marine instructors are available to assist. Warning - the weapons in the Arsenal do recoil, unlike the .22s you are used to! Former Battleship sailors are invited to try their hands with the reckless rifles, submariners report to the mortars.

Persons wishing to enter the impact area to go hand-to-hand do so at their own risk. Body armor is recommended, but not required, but the mortars are area fire weapons, and Mk82s have a large bursting radius, so be careful.

Keep it polite now! Passion is fine, but let's not get all potty-mouth trash-talky. Y'know, like Jeremiah.

Oops. Jeremiah added more:

P.S.- anybody notice how the "big bad a$$" "world's only superpower" reacts when somebody stands up to it? Take yesterday (10 Feb.) for example. Notice how quick it was to resort to military "force" against little Iraq but where are the threats against Iran or North Korea?? Hmmmmm??? Where's the swaggering, lectern-pounding cowboy now???? He instead has Kindasleazy Rice say "Please, North Korea, please return to the 6-party talks". Then the bitch makes the hollow threat of sanctions against Iran which everyone knows would get vetoed in 2 seconds by Russia and China. So my question is, why the hair-trigger response against oil-rich little Iraq who they thought would be a walk-over, while going to any length to AVOID a REAL fight with a REAL threat like North Korea or Iran??? The whole world (outside of retarded chicken-sh*t america) knows why. It's because like every bully, america is, at heart, a PUSSY that can't take a punch!!! Stand up to it and it cowers, makes excuses, runs away. F*ck america. It is the WORLD'S BIGGEST SUPERPU$$Y!!!!!

Sigh. And Jeremiah, you're from where? You serve/d with what Army? In what war? Doing what? Just curious what informs your in-depth knowledge and deeply thought, if badly expressed, opinions?

Jeremiah responds to another post! And doesn't read his email! Nor has he read this post, obviously.


Thank you for demonstrating once again how limited and anemic is
america's concept of "freedom of expression". If I wrote some garbage about those pu$$yfags being "defenders of liberty" or some nonsense then my post certainly would have stayed up forever. But since it was a dissenting viewpoint that, by the way, you obviously could not even attempt to disprove, it got erased in 5 minutes, along with the whole thread (and picture of the kneepad-wearing douchebag)! Amazing! Looks like america's definition of "freedom" is "the freedom to express a cookie-cutter mainstream opinion that the rest of the sheep are expressing" but conspicuously does not include DISSENTING views! I can't think of a more COWARDLY, PUSSIFIED country than america!!! No wonder the world hates it!!! F*ck you and your pussy bully nation!!!

Jeremiah - your stuff is still there. In fact, I moved it up to where *everybody* could see it. In fact, while I don't expect it - I can only hope lots of people link to it - so we can share your wisdom 'round the globe. I'm sure it will go over well at DU.

As for moving off the front page - that has to do with how blogs work. I have a set number of posts that display on the front page. If you'd bother to go check, not only is everything you wrote still there... I've actually created a whole new post with it, and put it on top.

And, BTW - Freedom of expression? This is a private venue - I no more have to keep your views on my page than the New York Times has to print your letter to the editor. They've never printed one of mine, but I don't feel they have stifled my freedom of expression. Ya want to express yourself - go start a blog on Blogspot. It's free.

The First Amendment applies to the government, not me. I have no obligation to provide you a forum - though I am at the moment. I do reserve the right to edit for taste, though I've not touched your substance.

And since when does "Freedom of Expression" extend to your mindless cursing (which only serves to undermine your argument) in what amounts to my home?


Uh-oh. The quality of your discourse is slipping, child.

P.S.- do the doctors truly cut off americans' balls at birth of do they simply shrivel up and fall off as they are utterly useless to you bunch of cowards?

No, in my case it was the prepuce. The twins are still vigorously present, thank you. Ask SWWBO.

Update: Jeremiah's email address is legit, and I assume his. Perhaps he'll come by and see that he was not, in fact, censored. I'll give him upfront credit for using a real email address. Most people who comment in the vein he did do not.

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