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February 10, 2005

I've said it before.

I'll say it again.

The Old Breed, breeds true.

I've also said this before - because I, too, have waited out the time a family warrior was at war - They also serve, who stand and wait.

From my perspective, having done both - the waiting is harder than the serving in the fight. In the fight, you get to shoot back. In the watch and wait, you get to, watch. And, wait. And the Press is not your friend. Not because of malice, but because of the nature of the beast.

As Cassandra says - if your wallet is feeling a little heavy this pay period, you could do worse than send some funding Deb's way. And you can always afford to drop by and say, "Thank you!"

Then there's this - the Garret Troopers, with little better to do than f*ck with the Grunt. I feel for the Questing Cat. I was really (and I knew vainly) hoping we'd slain that beast in this war. But the longer we stay in Iraq in the way we are currently arrayed - the more of this petty careerist bullsh1t will happen. How long before "Lifer" comes fully back into the lexicon in all it's pejorative glory?

Get a life, a$$hats.