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February 10, 2005


We interrupt your browsing for a test. The Castle has acquired the ability to host videos (be very afraid). All y'all need to start buying more crap from the Castle store to support this... but - since the Instapilot just sent this to me in email, this seems an appropriate place to test it out! Lemme know how well it works - 'specially those of you with dial-up! There are two versions - please try both and let me know what you think/problems you have.

From Dusty's email:

Why I don't ice fish... ...what happens when you piss off the Northern Alliance (especially the Power Line guys)...or...what happened to Norm Coleman and Bill Moyers after getting Hindrocket's attention...

Converted Video

Original Video.

It's also supposed to work showing a picture... but there seems a problem with that.

Update: Saving posting space... Cassie has her new caption contest up, and has *finally* judged her last two. As for the new one... eeeeewwwwwwww!