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February 08, 2005

Wrapping up the caption contests!

I hafta - some commenters are getting peevish (more on that later) and I wanna start a new one tomorrow!

New prize - well, same prize, different aspect. Now, the winner gets a mug with the picture - and their caption - on it. Howzzat?

To the polling. A most select committee (i.e., a snarker got drafted) sifted through all that chaff and came up with this wheat.

To refresh yourself on the first one - the bulldozer - go here.

Polling is closed - view results.

To refresh yourself on the second pic - the Chinook - go here.

Polling is closed - view results.

Voting is now open closed. And remember - snarkiness about my laziness just gets you drafted! (On the flip side (and thanks, Dbie!) you get to choose the contestants!)

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