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February 08, 2005

Life as a blogger is sooo much simpler...

...when readers provide content! Gives us a chance to take a break (like, maybe get those two caption contests finished!).

Since we've been in a Gatling mood of late (this one being in the National Infantry Museum), we proffer up these two gems, thoughtfully provided by readers Boquisucio and LvnCenturion.

First up, these gems from Boquisucio. Warning - the high res takes forever to load - best to save it and do other things while it's downloading. Worth the effort though, if you have the time and connectivity!

Noticing that you have been on a GAU mood lately, I don't know whether you have come across this Movie Clip of the old GAU-2. There's a group of guys in the SouthWest who somehow got themselves an old GAU-2 to play with. They go by the name of Sub Gun Videos. If you haven't done so already, you can check this clip out at:

Low Definition

High Definition

Somehow, I don't think that Louie Armstrong had a GAU in mind when he composed "What a Wonderful World"; but in a sick, twisted way, it goes perfectly well with it.

Hope that you like it,


I like it - but it *does* take time to load - even on my cable connection!

I mean it - it *really* takes a long time.

Now, to finish off something from a previous thread - regarding the Phalanx gun system. One commenter somewhere in the thread talked about using Phalanx or Phalanx-like systems to do precision destruction of incoming artillery and mortar rounds. LvnCenturion, old Army buddy and fellow-contractor of mine is involved in the process the Army currently has in place to rapidly assess and procure "usable right now or very soon" tech and TTP's. And someone is already working on just that. Below is a picture of 155mm artillery rounds... shot by a Phalanx while inbound. That's pretty impressive. As the Centurion notes:

Your blog mentions the Phalanx and one of the comments refers to a little piece of work that we have been involved with – namely shooting rockets, mortars, and artillery rounds out of the sky.

The attached picture is from an unclassified source, you may do with it as you will. Shooter is the Phalanx system.