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February 08, 2005

Mardi Gras in Iraq.

Mardi Gras in Iraq. A Mardi Gras parade was staged on February 6th, The unit responsible was the 256th Infantry Brigade, which is a Louisiana National Guard outfit now serving in Iraq. Looks like the Cajuns needed Mardi Gras there as well as in Naw Leans.

The event took place in the 1st Cavalry Division’s area of operations. The reason Anheuser-Busch is mentioned in one of the “floats” is because they sent enough beer to Iraq for everyone to have two during the Superbowl. At first, the senior staff officers over there didn’t want to take it. But a senior general overruled them. Now that's leadership.

Photos by LTC Lenea Montgomery.

See Simon? *This* is a way the leadership can let the troops blow off steam without having to generally expose genitalia... just a thought, dude. And for those of you who've served or been serving since the early '80s... a General with cojones! Yes, Simon, I understand the dichotomy of what I just said...

Hat tip - Strategy Page, which has two more pictures from this event. Of course I chose the one with the Washington Artillery in it!