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February 07, 2005

Mud wrestling at Camp Bucca

By now you've probably heard about the mud wrestling incident, something a lot less worrisome than what normally happens during Spring Break around the country.

And, while it *was* a dumb idea, you can expect this kind of thing when you throw a whole bunch of very healthy, young men and women, facing danger, together. Heck, look what we get at South Padre, Daytona, and Mardi Gras from college kids!

Kind of a given.

If you haven't read about it you can do so here, here, and here.

If the troop described below is the one who got smacked, well, the CO didn't really have a whole lot of choice...

A young blond lifts her T-shirt to expose her breasts. A brunette turns her back to the camera and exposes her thong undies.

What I wanna really know is - where was the leadership? That wasn't an E4 and below only party. Which idiot non-commissioned or commissioned officer decided this was a good idea?

Like it or not, guys, this ain't your father's Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Air Force. In the days of digits, stuff like this is going to get out. Yeah, it's dumb in many respects we have to worry about it. But we do. I've got a few junior enlisted contacts out there, one of whom is a female recently returned from Iraq. The environment bristles with sexual tension. That kind of environment always has. And having a female troop flash her boobs (or a male do the equivalent) does NOT help relieve that tension... nor make it easier to keep a safe environment for all concerned.

The issue of whether the women should be there is moot in this discussion - they are there, and the Commanders have to deal with it - and that means that they have to sit on it, even if it makes the troops pissy sometimes. Comes with the job.

What do you think?