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February 01, 2005

And now, for the rest of story...

Remember these two?

Well, guess who was on Oprah (further research) Jane Pauley, grumping about how awful it was to be separated from your family, etc. (Which is true, it is awful)

Hint. It *wasn't* Colonel MacKenzie.

Just because the saying is "What goes on TDY stays on TDY" doesn't mean that it works.

Sure - this is entirely possible, even probable, that all there is to the story is what you see here. People under stress blowing off steam - and nothing else happened. Dance was over, and the two dancers went their ways.

The point is - like it or not, whether you think it's fair or not - the world has gotten smaller, and you need to consider your actions in light of it. A friendly warning.

Update: As Cassandra so aptly notes in her comment below:

You only have one reputation.


****Update on a Previous Story*****

Remember the bit on the Germans potentially forcing women into prostitution under their new welfare laws? There is more (or rather, less) to the story, perhaps. While technically possible, it appears rather less likely... but the underlying premise is there, regardless. Hat tip to XLRQ, where you should go to read the rest of the story.