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January 30, 2005

'Nuff said!

Well done, Rose!

I'm tempted to ask her if I could borrow that picture for a caption contest...

But how could we do better? We couldn't. Even funny ones.

And besides, I can't do it. I'd hate for someone to think we were mocking something like this:

Ladies and Gentlemen, I say to you, "1st Lt. Nainoa K. Hoe, 2nd Platoon, C Company, 3rd Battalion of the 21st Infantry Regiment."

Freedom isn't Free.

Amidst the celebration in Iraq, we at Castle Argghhh! take a moment to reflect on the cost of Freedom.

Now is the time at Castle Argghhh! when we dance. In Memoriam.

Yesterday's elections in Iraq were paid for by these fine young Americans. And some not so young.

And that doesn't even begin to cover the cost that the Iraqis have paid, and will continue to pay, and for which Michael Moore, hasn't a glimmer of understanding.