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January 29, 2005


Wanna do some Googlefights? I did!

Here's some results:

Wahabist vs Rumsfeld.

Castle Argghhh! vs Indepundit. Ouch.

Castle Argghhh! vs Dean's World. Ouch again, but not as hard.

Let's pick on someone easy.

Castle Argghhh! vs Villainous Company Whew! Closer than I like, however.

Donovan vs Tuttle Hah! Smackdown!

Okay, let's make that last one a little fairer:

The Armorer vs cw4billt. Hee hee hee.

All right, one more. John of Argghhh! vs Cassandra Uh oh... wench is *everywhere*!

Remember how Google works, people. It's searching on words. So if you use multiple words, enclose 'em in quotation marks to get the phrase, or you'll get a combined result that adds all the word hits together.

One last try... John vs Cassandra. Ahhhhhh. That's much better!

Hat tip - the blogfather...