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January 28, 2005

Cleaning up some stuff around the BlockHouse

And now for something Completely Different.

See? I told you that math was worth studying! There is a practical application! (Hat tip to CAPT H)

Like with these cool gizmos. We even let Infantry use these... but only with range-restricted weapons.

A little Canadian Content for the day:


1. This article on some Real Canadian Heroes. Ladies and Gentlemen, I say unto you, "Frank Pickersgill and John Kenneth Macalister."

How many men like that are the elite academic programs producing these days?

2. Cleverly written bit (scroll down) on the outcome of a sim-supported exercise (which I'm pretty sure isn't why CAPT H forwarded this, but I liked it). Scroll down to Ex. Virtual Fury 05. Hopefully they'll throw up some updates.


How about pictures of the crunch on the USS San Francisco? It's a testament to the designers, builders, and the vessel's crew that more sailors weren't killed. (Hat tip Bill B)

Over at OTB, a discussion of the disparity in the blog ranking schemes such as TTLB and Technorati. A good explanation of the systems if you've wondered how it works - as well as an explanation for Castle Argghhh!'s still-bizarre-to-me rise to Mortal Human, and a week's staying power there.

As I said in my comment over at OTB - Castle Argghhh!, with it's 1300 or so visitors, is a big fish in a relatively small pond, while many fine blogs below us in the linkage list are in fact large fish in a big pond. Another way to say it is that I'm the Police Chief in Goodland, Kansas - which isn't anywhere near as big a job as Watch Commander in the Rampart Division of the LAPD.

If advertisers are using links as a measure of blog impact when choosing advertising, I think it's a flawed metric except for boutique marketing. Number of unique visitors and pages is a more accurate measure of the exposure of any given blog than the links (which I appreciate, each and every one!)