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January 27, 2005

An omnibus.

1. Whining works.

In a pathetic attempt at more attention, Casey actually emailed a link mentioning his first blogiversery.

Few, alas, paid any attention... {sob}

Okay - go make Casey feel better. Happy Blogiversary, Dude!

2. Smash Spank! Hat tip - Greyhawk (there's other good stuff there to check out, too)!

3. Sgt. B - did yer rifle look like this one (top complete rifle, both pics)?

Or this one? (key point - did it have a patch box in the butt?)

Higher-res of the second rifle here.

4. Funny. Very funny. YMMV.

5. The Caption Contest Run-off. To refresh yourself on the picture, go here.

Update: I dunno if there's a Hosting Matters problem (like another assault on LGF, for example) or if it's the Blog Poll service probem - but it's kiling the page, so I moved it into the Flash Traffic/Extended Post - if ya wanna vote, go there, though the current trend is relatively unchanged from yesterday, according to early exit polls...

Poll temporarily removed for testing purposes.

Poll removed. It was the problem. No matter. Winner tomorrow. New Contest tomorrow. If used, new voting process, too. That one was unreliable. But hey - I'm new at this little slice.

5. BillT wins an honorable mention for his "Most Difficult To Follow Unless You Read Every Comment" omnibus snark.

Joint Filing, Dade County, FL and Medford, OR (UPI): In a pre-emptive move following a flounce of e-mails bouncing cross-country, the League of Perky Pulchritudinous Posters announced that, following seventeen recounts, six electronic enhancements and careful scrutiny by a team of professional chad-counters, the real winner of the Argghhh! Caption Poll was Crickassandristerbeth, with her uproarious entry, "[*ethereal stage whisper*] L-u-u-u-u-u-ke. Use the Farce, L-u-u-ke, ya wee bluidy cretin wha' canna hit a bullock i' tha buttock wi' a T-rifle bat. Have a brownie, L-u-u-u-u-u ke..."

6. Update. Go visit TACJAMMER, he's got a good addition to the "That Settles It" post.

7. Heh. I really like the word 'omnibus' don't I?