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January 24, 2005

As the Blogfather notes...


Waaahhhh! Waaahhhh! Waaahhhh! So, don't take the honors courses, pansy.

We all have to make choices. Dumbing down Honors Courses so you can have a kewl summer really shouldn't be one of those choices. Talk about wanting your cake and eating it, too!

I'll entertain any arguments in favor of this lawsuit, that are serious, anyway. I"ll just laugh at the others.

Unrelated note: Since I'm home for lunch (putting the dogs out) I can blog this... I got my first *at the office* telemarketing scam-to-avoid-the-law call.

Woman calls, asks for someone named Ashley. Hasn't been an Ashely 'round these parts in living memory. Ask the caller to confirm the phone number. Yep, that's my number all right. A number that has *always* been on the PBX here. And it's not a published number, either.

Anyway, I tell her, sorry, no one here by that name. She then starts, "I'm calling from ****** (I didn't catch it) in Las Vegas, Nevada. This is a courtesy call to tell you that you have been selected to receive..."

"Um, pardon me - but I'm not the individual in question, ma'am."

"Oh, that's alright! You've been selected to receive..."

"Ma'am - I've been selected to receive nothing, nada, zilch. This is a cold-call marketing scam intended to try to skirt the restrictions of the National No-call List, which I know for a fact this number is on, having registered it myself. Congratulations, you have reached a secure US government facility, and while this call has *probably* not been recorded, the number you are calling from has, and will be turned over to our security personnel so that..."


Hmmm, that worked so well I may use it at home, too!

Another Unrelated Note. Michael Moore still has no comment on his armed bodyguard. C'mon Mike - tell us how you feel!