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January 24, 2005

The Caption Contest - and a new one!

This was the picture:

All the answers (that are printable on Castle electronic stationary, anyway) are in the comments to this post.

And we have a Winnah!

3rd Runner up: UtahMan with:

"Told ya you couldn't make it."

2nd Runner up: Mythilt with:

"Yes Steve?"
"When we get back to base, we saw nothing, we just woke up and the tank was gone. Right?"

1st Runner up: fluke_boy with:

Damned manual said this thing was amphibious.
(I've got some family experience with this one... not me, my Dad.)

(Drum roll, please)

And the Winnah is: Tammi! For her double entry, which really is near perfect when used together...

Oh shit.


Ok Ok Ok, this is fixable.

Just remove the "....and.."

And you probably have something close to what was actually said

Oh shit...

Ok Ok Ok, this is fixable.

- followed by some of the more scatological captions that were passed around in email only....

So, Tammi - send along an email and we'll talk your options for a mug or mousepad.

That was so much fun, let's do it again. Same thing - at least 10 people entering, no limit on number of entries per person - no being pointlessly nasty or gross (* out key letters in words like f*ck, please - don't want to get banned by net-nanny software or bumped into Google's restricted pages - already had that fight with the deployed Air Force)

Go for it. Show us what ya got. Obviously, I tend to go for simple. After I master the poll thingy, I might just let all y'all vote!

Update: Oh yeah! Extra credit - correctly identify the rifle. If you're really good at obscure stuff (and you can lie your butt off here, I have no clue) the regiment! The rifle shouldn't be too hard. If you've no idea, the general picture should give you an idea of the era. And here's a hint - there's a very similar one in the Arsenal at Argghhh!

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