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January 23, 2005

Whoo-hoo! Good times!

This will make Bill the Rotorhead's heart race.

Now you *know* what we mean when we're yelling "Hose him down" at each other on the radio... Give it a minute, it takes some time to load.

Hat tip to Geoffrey at DogSnotDiaries for the pointer!

Oh, and just because - time to check the Smith and Wesson cam - where we can see whether or not "Guns kill people." This pistol in question has still shown no signs of acting in the absence of a human to do all the heavy lifting.

Oh yeah, I've also got 4 3 2 gmail invites if anyone is looking.

SWWBO Alert - Beth, don't look at the picture in the following link! Really.

The rest of ya - sometimes, window seats are bad.

Beth - this one's fine.

Then there's this. When I was in Germany back in the 80's, and later stateside as a commander - there were usually 4 of these per barracks room. All going at once, with competing music styles. At least it seemed that way.

Hat tip to Rich B. for those last two photos.

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