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January 22, 2005

Whew! Lotsa captions to wade through.

And some lurkers turned into commenters. Kewl. Down side to the success... I hafta wade through it all and see which one I like best. I might try an online poll for that one.

Here's a reward for weekend visitors, as my posting habits will probably push it off the page before the new week gets cranked up: some more combat video. This is work-safe except in anti-war offices. No goriness, this is nice technical destruction.

Reason #4594 and 4595 why you need to really pay attention to your maintenance, and not sleep during those camouflage and concealment classes.

Guys (and gals) like Dusty and Bill the Rotorhead. (Right click and "save as" the link)

Really. If you cammo'd up, they, being aviators, woulda gone for something easier - Dusty especially, with the speeds and altitudes his ROE put him at. This guy is in violation of Rule #1 in combat. Look unimportant.

Though actually, in the film clip - this looks like an insurance kill. The tank is probably abandoned due to damage/casualties from the bomb/artillery hit visible to the left rear, on the road.