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January 19, 2005

The Answer to the Question.

What was the question? Go read here!

The answer is 11. There were a few of you who answered with that number, but as I observed earlier, we'll have to wait for Bill to get back from his short trip this week to give us the definitive winner.

I got 10 - but, I didn't get the right 10 (and I dithered a lot over whether or not the damage in the upper left corner of the door was a hit or just a ding. I also counted at least one rivet, which, based on the numbers some of you put in, you did too. I also allowed for about four possibles - one of which *was* a hit, the other were, as I suspected, rivets.

Anyway - here's the annotated picture with the answer. This picture was taken not long after landing from the mission that provided the punctures - and Bill was flying this aircraft - in the left seat, the side with all the holes.

Hi-res here.