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January 19, 2005

This annoys me, for some reason.

Even though I spent my adult life in the mode of defending the homeland - the notion of having to do so here is, well, maddening. I really prefer doing it elsewhere, at the source of the problem. Of course, there are some (of the stripe now sporting blue wristbands and the like - the Democratic Underground Wing of the left) who would suggest we are at the source of the problem, we just have the weapons pointed in the wrong direction.

The military has deployed anti-aircraft missiles within range of the Capitol as part of security enhancements for tomorrow's presidential inauguration.
Full story here.

Of course, this is irrational - here at Fort Leavenworth, up through the late 60's, we had a battalion of Nike Hercules missiles. A battery at the Fort, a battery north of Kansas City near Lake City Army Ammunition Plant, and another one south of Kansas City at Lone Jack, providing coverage for Lake City, Allied Signal (where nuclear bomb triggers were made), the line of communications (rail, road, river and telecoms) infrastructure, as well as Sunflower Army Ammunition Plant, the Marine Corps Finance Center, and the Federal Reserve Bank, enough high-payoff targets to make the place worth hitting. But, still.. pictures like this irk me.

While in contrast, I have no problems with this one - the Statue of Liberty. I like the visual - Liberty stands on an old harbor defense fort - a visual representation of the contention of many old-school political theorists about Liberty - it rests on a solid defense of the principles against those who would be tyrants, for "good" (see Nanny State) reasons or bad.