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January 17, 2005

Man, who needs to blog, when your commenters do it for you?

SangerM is honing his rhetoriblogular* skills... and, once again, they shouldn't be hiding in the comments. Of this post, if you'd like the context. Jack, I'll offer equal access for a response, should you wish.

"Trends are important, as are appearances.."

Yes, they are, but we are at war, and some folks will avoid coming here until the war is ended, and the enemy's propaganda decreases, and there is less chance the new arrivals will actually be thought of as Americans (=targets).

Even so, even if there is only one more person who wants in than wants out, then we are on the up side, which is so not true of most other countries. For example, who really wants to emigrate to China, or Japan, or Europe these days. I've lived in Europe for years at a time, and frankly, I wouldn't trade any backwater podunk town in this country for any place in continental Europe for more than a few months. Why? Because Europe is owned and run by Europeans, who tend to think that their little countries are the equal of ours in every way just because theirs have been around for a thousand years more. As if.

The problem with that line of thinking is that it assumes the people in Europe today are the recipients, beneficiaries, and proud owners of the accumulated wisdom from thousands of years--that, as a whole, they are smarter, wiser, and more able to see the right of things than we are because they have been there before. In fact, the folks who actually live in Europe now are no wiser because of their long histories than are the people in this country, because most places in Europe have been razed several times within the past thousand years, and a good number of the people there have been slaughtered. And by who? Well other Europeans, mostly

While America certainly did its share of sending Europeans to the grave, I'd guess more Europeans have been slaughtered, maimed, tortured, molested, raped, swindled, and abused by Europeans than by all the Americans who've ever been there. We all know the history. Every time some country got a little ahead of the others and decided it wanted a bigger vineyard, or a port, or a few acres, it just tried to take it from the neighbors. What's so great about that kind of history? And what did they learn from that 1900 years of modern history. Bigger and better ways to kill one another, but little else that stuck.

Where was the wisdom that should have prevented WWI and WWII? Where
was the vaunted wisdom that should have tossed Chamberlain in the Thames?
Or that couldn't see into the future past the end of their collective noses to know that the Treaty of Versailles would lead inexorably to WWII. As we all know, if it weren't for this country--poor, sorry, evil, imperialistic, stupid America--the French would be speaking German instead of working so hard to pretend English doesn't exist and that anti-headscarve laws aren't discriminatory.

As I said, I lived there, and I traveled, I got to know a lot of people there. What I found was that the only thing Europe as a whole is really good at is hate and recrimination. Individually, Europeans are wonderful, friendly people (well, except for the French who have a reputation to uphold, and the Flemish who all treated me and my wife like crap), but when you scratch the surface, as I did with many of my friends, you will find most of them full of hatred for all the same peoples their parents hated, plus some new ones. And they don't really know as much about this country as they think they do. Really, they don't.

And the intensity of the hatred Europeans feel toward one another transcends anything I've encountered in this country. Yes, we have old wounds that are hardly healed, but we don't have the hard-shell coating on the hatred that can only come with centuries of misdeeds and marauding, with layer upon layer of emotional, financial, and physical destruction.

And one cannot even say the hatred over there is so old that they don't know why they hate one another. That would be pure rubbish. A good many people in Europe today can remember quite vividly and quite well why they hate who they hate. WWII wasn't that long ago yet and every year there is another Beslan or a bridge at Most. The wounds over there never get to heal.

Anyway, again, I agree that trends are important, but one has to consider that we are talking about people and countries that haven't been able to put or keep their own houses in order for more than a few years out of the last 11 decades without our help. If people don't want to come here, it's because they are choosing to believe all the bad they hear, not because we have changed for the worse or because this country is worse than it was. I daresay the opposite is quite true and that in spite of the endless self-flagellation by Europhile apologists, this is a far better country for people to live in than it has ever been.

And I'm not interested in any of that crap about the Patriot Act, the restrictions of liberties, and all that nonsense. 1) We are at war with an implacable enemy who means to win by any means possible, and who is getting plenty of outright help from both our mainstream media and the confused leftist mass. 2) The enemy-within ALCU and other organizations of its kind are still going full tilt persecuting such evils as the Boy Scouts and prayer in school, but avoiding important issues like repression of free-speech on college campuses. 3) Many of the universities in this country are slowly turning diversity-speak into
conformance-fascism. And 4), anti-white male gender bias has become so great that frat houses and other male-only organizations have been forced to let women in, but woman are still allowed to have woman-only organizations, and so are people of color.

As far as I am concerned, the notion that this country might be a worse place for people in general or minorities or women to live today than it was when I was a child is absurd. Anyone who believes it just doesn't remember or know the past. And as for Europe, well, the Balkans are just about where they were in 1909, except now we're there keeping folks from killing each other.

Us good ole' sorry Americans.

My ass.


*New word. If it ever makes it into the OED - researchers, it appeared here first!